Tile Roof Installation Pelham, AL


Tile Roofing is so Much More Than a Beautiful Addition

Did you know that a properly installed tile roof has an average life expectancy of about 50-years, but can provide up to 100-years of amazing lifetime? Compared to the 20-year average lifetime of the asphalt shingles roof (the most popular roofing style), that number is quite large. The tile roof could very well be the last roof you ever put on your home! The longevity of the roof is only one of the many impressive facts homeowners are pleased to learn about this impressive roofing system. There is little question that tile offers the qualities that any homeowner can appreciate.

Looking for a roof that looks good? Aesthetic appeal comes naturally with tile. Every homeowner wants property that has charm and elegance that improves the home's curb appeal and value, and of course the impressions that everyone has with a glance at the home. This elegant roof style ensures that great looks are in the bag, leaving all onlookers impressed. Add the fact that many brands offer an assortment of tile roofs and it is easy to understand why many say that it is one of the most versatile roofing systems available today. No matter your current decor, or the style that you wish to create, the variety of tile roof options ensures that you create the look that you want.

Any roof can make your home look good, but can it protect it from weather -related damages? After all, nothing is more important than protecting your valuable investment. Put the tile roof up to the challenge and it proves that it has what it takes to protect against wind damage (up to 150-mph) and is resistant to breakage, sun damage, and rotting. The material is also resistant to the damage that bugs/pests can create. No matter what obstacles come near, the tile has a rugged, durable texture that doesn't easily succumb to the pressure.

Any roofing system you choose requires some maintenance to prevent damage and dismay, though the material selected impacts the level of maintenance necessary. The tile roof is one of the easier-to-maintain roofing systems sold today. Homeowners appreciate how easy it is to care for the tile roof, since it is generally simple gutter cleaning and venting that keeps them flourishing.

Does it cost more to buy and install tile on the home? It depends on how you look at things. Initially, the costs of tile roofing might be more than many other roofing materials out there. However, when you consider that it requires little maintenance and has such an extensive lifetime, you discover the added costs are very much worth paying. This roofing material pays for itself in no time. You'll understand and appreciate its great value when the day is done.

The Florida Light & Power Company has performed testing on the tile roof for more than 40 years now. These tests indicate that tile reduces the rate of heat transfer into the home by an amazing 70% when compared to the asphalt shingles roof. This means a home that is cooler, more comfortable for you and the family, and a HVAC system that does not work as hard to provide your family with the necessary heat and air.

Adding tile roofing to your home just makes sense. It offers style, appeal, durability, longevity, and reduces energy consumption and costs while protecting your home and well-being. And those are the redeeming qualities that any good roof system should bring to the table. Tile is one of the top roofing materials for a reason. If you need a new or replacement roof, perhaps it is time to update your style with tile.